Current Students

Current Students

From registration dates to graduation petitions, and everything in between – this is the place to find the resources for day-to-day student life.


Important Deadlines

There are important deadlines which can be different for each class depending on when the class meets and the session start and end date. Important Deadlines include:

  • Deadline to Receive, Process & Pay for Add Codes
  • Deadline to Drop Classes with No "W" recorded.
  • Deadline to Drop & be Eligible for Refund of Enrollment Fees &/or Non- Resident Tuition
  • Deadline to select Pass/No Pass option
  • Withdrawal Deadline - No Drops Accepted After This Date

Make sure to review the deadlines for each of your classes.

Important Deadlines Fall 2017

Deadlines for specific classes can also be found in the online Class Schedule. Click on the Details box next to the class that you are interested in viewing. If your class does not fall within any of the sessions listed in Important Deadlines and you are unable to locate it in the Class Schedule, contact the Admissions Office for assistance.

NOTE: Processing of an add code includes making full payment by the deadline date as indicated on Reg-e. Financial Aid students must also process their financial aid payments, and pay the health fee (as applicable), through Reg-e. Note: BOGW does not pay for student health fees, with the exception of BOGW-A.

It is your responsibility to adhere to the deadlines. No late adds or drops will be processed.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar includes key dates for applying for admission, registration deadlines, holidays, grade availability and more.

Fall 2017 Academic Calendar

College Catalogs

2017-2018 Catalog
2017-2018 Addendum
  2017-2018 Catalog
2017-2018 Addendum
  2017-2018 Catalog
2017-2018 Addendum
Go here to download previous year catalogs.


You may review your grades and academic history at anytime by going to e-Grades. Semester grades are available approximately 2 weeks after the end of class. See the Academic Calendar for specific grade availability dates.


All coursework completed at San Diego City, Mesa or Miramar College is included on one transcript. There is no need to request a transcript from each (City, Mesa, Miramar) college. The first two transcripts issued to or for you in your lifetime are free of charge. Thereafter, transcripts cost $5 each.

You can request your transcripts:

  • Online – Go to e-Transcripts, found under Transcript Request.
    Transcripts ordered online will be mailed in 1-2 business days. If the receiving institution accepts electronic transcripts, the transcript will be sent over night.
  • In Person – Download the Transcript Request Form or pick one up at your College Accounting Office or Admissions Office.
  • Mail – Download the Transcript Request Form and mail your completed and signed form to the District Office
    SDCCD, Attn: Transcript Request, 3375 Camino del Rio South, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92108-3883
  • Fax – Download the Transcript Request Form and fax your completed and signed form to 619-388-6946

    For requests sent by mail or fax, authorization to charge your Visa or MasterCard must be written on the request with your signature along with the credit card number and expiration.

NOTE: Transcripts of credit sent from our college to another institution are considered to be official. Transcripts presented by a student are considered to be unofficial unless sealed and noted to be official on the outside of the envelope.

For information about ordering in person, by mail or fax, download the Transcript Information and Request Form.

Click here for information regarding transcripts from previous colleges/universities attended.


On Campus

The Evaluations office on campus assists students by providing services to help with the graduation and transfer process. Students submit official forms to the Evaluations office for processing including:

The college Evaluations office can help you with forms, determine if specific criteria are met, as well as explain policies and processes.

College Evaluations Offices

Evaluations Office
Office A-110
Evaluations website
  Evaluations Office
Office I4-306
Evaluations website
  Evaluations Office
Office K-207
Evaluations website

District Evaluators

The District Evaluators determine which courses are applicable toward your Certificate, Associate Degree or for Transfer and are also responsible for processing many of the forms which affect your permanent academic record.

District Office Evaluations
3375 Camino del Rio South, Rm 100
District Evaluations website


Graduation is not automatic upon completion of requirements. Students who expect to receive an Associate Degree or Certificate of Achievement are encouraged to submit a Petition for Graduation at least one year in advance of anticipated graduation. Click here to review a sample Graduation Evaluation and how to interpret it.

Make sure to be aware of the deadline dates for filing a Petition for Graduation which can be found in the Academic Calendar and on the SDCCD Evaluations website.

When to File the Petition for Graduation

Associates Degree

Students are encouraged to file a Petition for Graduation for an Associate Degree up to a year prior to expected graduation date.

Certificate of Achievement

Students working toward a Certificate of Achievement should file the Petition for Graduation prior to the beginning of the semester in which they plan to complete the requirements of their certificate program.

Filing the Petition for Graduation

The Petition for Graduation form may be completed online at e-Grades. You may also complete the Petition for Graduation with the help of a counselor. Download the Petition for Graduation and bring it with you to the Counseling Office on campus.


A General Education (GE) Certification is an official document from SDCCD which certifies that a student has met the requirements for CSU GE or IGETC.

  • A request for certification can only be submitted once a student has been accepted to a transferring institution.
  • All transcripts from previous colleges and universities attended must be on file with the SDCCD.
  • Students with AP/IB/CLEP exams may want to submit scores if they plan to use it to meet requirements.
  • If the UC IGETC Certification foreign language requirement has been met through the completion of two years or more of a language in High School, the High School transcripts must be on file with the SDCCD. Review the information on submitting transcripts.
  • Only one certification may be processed per student, one time only.
  • Once the certification is processed, the original is sent to the University indicated on the request form and a copy is sent to the student.
  • Requests may take up to 10 business days to process.
  • Plan ahead to ensure you submit your GE Certification request two weeks prior to the deadline. See the Evaluations website for more information.


Transfer is the process of continuing your education at a baccalaureate-degree granting college or university, usually after completing your major preparation and general education at a community college.

We offer guaranteed admission programs with many four-year institutions including the UC and CSU systems. We transfer more students than any other District from our colleges to UCSD and SDSU.

Our College Transfer Centers serve as resource centers for information about attending the four-year university of your choice. A variety of resources are available:

  • Transfer Counseling
  • Guidance in researching and selecting a transfer institution
  • Individual appointments with representatives from UC, CSU and independent colleges and universities
  • Transfer workshops
  • Transfer Admission Agreements and Guarantees with selected universities
  • A library of catalogs and publications
  • Information on important dates and deadlines
  • Computer software for college research
  • Transfer Fairs

For additional information regarding specific services, contact the Transfer Center on campus.

Transfer Center
Office A-111
Transfer Center Website
  Transfer Center
Office I4-306
Transfer Center Website
  Transfer Center
Office K-306
Transfer Center Website

Students are advised to plan their transfer as early as possible and enroll in transferable courses in both general education and in courses that prepare for the specific university major. Students interested in transfer should meet with a counselor to develop a Transfer Educational Plan, which will identify the courses needed to transfer.


The Career Centers at San Diego City, Mesa and Miramar College offer a number of resources to assist students in career planning and employment. Resources include:

  • Career Information
  • Occupational and Interest Inventories
  • Resource Directories
  • Career Assessments
  • Job Listings
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing Assistance
  • Interview Preparations
  • Workshops
  • Job Fairs
  • Other Resources

Contact the Career Services on campus or visit the website to get started.

Career Center
Office A-111
Career Center website
  Career Center
Office I4-306
Career Center website
  Career & Job Placement Office
Office B-203
Career Center website


The Associated Students (AS) are the center of campus involvement, connection and service, to enrich the experience of the entire student body. Membership in the Associated Students allows you to support campus clubs and organizations, create campus-wide activities and events, and advocate for student issues on local, statewide and national levels.

Membership in the Associated Students organization entitles students to many services, benefits and discounts.

  • Free Student Planner
  • One Free Transcript
  • Free Scantrons
  • Free or Discounted Admission to all AS Sponsored Events
  • AS Scholarship Opportunities
  • And more...

An AS membership may be purchased for $8 per academic year for spring and fall. AS memberships are not available in the summer.

Students may pick up AS membership stickers in the AS Office on campus beginning August 6, 2013.

Associated Students Office
Office D-105A
Associated Students Website
  Associated Students Office
Office I4-409 A/B
Associated Students Website
  Associated Students Office
Office K-208
Associated Students Website


Welcome to the SDCCD Honors Program. For information about the Honors Program, including important deadline dates, click on the link for the college you would like information.

Honors Program
Honors Program Website
  Honors Program
Honors Program Website
  Honors Program
Honors Program Website

For more details and the list of Honors classes, download the Honors Program below.

Fall 2017 Honors Program Information

Please note there is no Honors Program during the Summer.


Buy your books and supplies through your college bookstore. You can purchase your books and supplies online at the college bookstore websites or visit the bookstore in person.

Office A-12
Bookstore Website
Office H-100
Bookstore Website
Office K-105
Bookstore Website


Student parking permits are available for purchase during registration on Reg-E, or at the Accounting Office on campus. Permits are only valid for the current semester.

The parking fee is required of all students who park on campus at the following rates:

  • Auto Permits            $40.00  ($25 if eligible for financial aid)
  • Motorcycle Permits   $17.50
  • Carpool Permits        available by contacting the College Police Department

Photo identification is required to pick up a permit. Only one permit per student may be purchased.

Parking permits purchased and paid for by the advance purchase deadline (7 days before the start of the semester) will be mailed to students on a weekly basis. Refer to the Academic Calendar for advance purchase deadline.

Permits purchased after this deadline and throughout the semester should be picked up at one of the College Police locations:

  • City College:             V-100
  • Mesa College:          Room Q-100 (I-400 the first week of the semester)
  • Miramar College:      Room T-100 (K-100 the first week of the semester)

See the College Police Department website for complete information.

Parking permits will be required to park in all student lots. Students without valid permits will be cited. Students may NOT park in faculty/staff lots at any time, with or without a permit.


Students who are enrolled in a minimum of 7 college units and have a valid Student ID may purchase monthly or semester bus and trolley passes at a discounted rate. Monthly and semester passes are available during Fall, Spring only. Click on the links below for detailed information regarding cost and availability.

Fall 2017 Bus & Trolley Pass Information

Due to SANDAG process changes, the disabled/senior, youth and adult bus passes are no longer available for purchase at the colleges. Disabled/senior bus passes can be purchased at reduced fares through MTS. Go to the MTS website for more information on the application process or contact The Transit Store at 619-234-1060.