Online Services

Online Services

Register for classes, buy a parking permit, check your grades...all this and more can be done online.

Access Online

There are many services available for you to access in the Online Services section of our website.

  • Reg-e - Register for classes, plus access these other services:
    • Add or Drop Classes
    • Pay Fees
    • Wait List
    • Search for Classes
    • Pass/No Pass
    • View Your Schedule
    • Track Your Attendance
    • View Your Placement Levels
    • View Your Financial Aid
    • AS Membership
    • Pay for Parking Permits
  • e-Grades - see your grades and submit your Petition for Graduation.
  • e-Transcripts - request a transcript to send to another university or for your records
  • e-BOGW - submit your request for a Board of Governors Fee Waiver
  • e-Tax (1098-T) - download your 1098-T Tax Form

Reg-e Hours

Reg-e is normally available:

  Mon – Fri7:00 am to Midnight  (You must be be logged in by 11:45 pm)
  Sat8:00 am to 1:30 pm

Reg-e is closed during holidays and certain days before classes begin.

Login with Your CSID

To protect the privacy of student records, all students will be assigned a new College Student Identification (CSID) number. Be sure to keep this number in a secure location. It will be required to access your student records, all web services that currently require a student ID, AND to conduct other business on campus

If you do not already have a College Student ID number, click on "Get your CSID" for instructions to obtain your new number.

If you have forgotten your CSID number, click on "Get your CSID" to retrieve your number.

NOTE: If you are a returning student, but have missed more than one consecutive semester (excluding Summer Session), or are a first-time student applying to San Diego City, Mesa or Miramar Colleges, you will receive your College Student ID (CSID) Number once your application to the college has been accepted.

Admissions Office
Office A-112
  Admissions Office
Office I4-102
  Admissions Office
Office K-207

Class Schedules

Go here to view the class schedules for upcoming terms: Online Class Schedule

This online version of the Class Schedule displays new classes, cancellations, and changes after the printed schedule has been distributed. Students can search for classes by academic subject, time and day, or key words.


There are also some forms that can be downloaded and printed out for your use.

Go to Forms to see the full list of forms and documents available for download.