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  Monday April 23, 2018 9:59:42 PM  

To protect the privacy of student records, all students will be assigned a new College Student Identification number (CSID). This number will be required to access your student records, all web services that currently require a student ID, AND to conduct other college business on campus.

  • To obtain your CSID number, enter your Social Security Number, or previously assigned ID number that begins with the letter 'D' in the box to the right. If you do not remember your previously assigned ID number, please contact your college Admissions Office for assistance.

  • If you have a current Personal Identification Number (PIN) in the system, you will be prompted to enter your PIN for authentication purposes. If you do not have a current PIN, the system will ask you to enter your 6-digit birth date in month, day, and year order. After entering your birth date, you will be prompted to assign yourself a PIN. You will be asked to key your entry twice to ensure accuracy.

  • Once your new CSID number is assigned, you will be returned to your original application to complete the login process.


Please enter your SSN or previously assigned ID number that begins with the letter 'D'


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